Direct to Garment Printing Process, Pros and Cons

Direct to Garment Printing Process, Pros and Cons
September 19, 2018 mpadmin
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What is direct to garment?

Direct to garment printing is a process that is featured by simplicity and style. Generally, the ink is directly injected to the material. DGT printers are somehow different given that they work on fabric rather than papers. That said, you may want to know the features of DGT and why it is preferred over other printing methods.


Easy to set up

Screen printing method is somehow complex when it comes to its set-up unlike Direct to garment strategy. This is because the later only needs few steps as compared to other steps.

The ink is not injected on top of material but fabric

Other printing strategies are known to inject vinyl or ink on the material while direct to garment injects ink into the fabric. In that case, the final product have a different texture thus can’t wear out easily or fade. This feature makes direct to garment one of the best garment printing strategy.

No colouring limits

How does it feel to know of a printing strategy that allows you to print using any design that best pleases you? Other printing techniques have colouring limits but DTG has no coloring limits. Despite the number of tones you desire on one job, you can produce all the colors with ease.

Best choice for one-off printing of t-shirts

It is simple; this strategy isn’t the coolest for designers who aim at customizing Tshirts in large numbers. However, it is an awesome tool for one –off T-shirt printing and that is the only way you won’t find it tedious and time consuming.

More costly

Given the high quality of these machines and there excellent performance, they require more money in comparison to others. For instance, one machine ranges from 190.000 Euros to 200,000 Euros or more. However, once, you get the machine, you definitely get the value for your money. It’s worth every effort.

Allows intricate designs

DTG has the ability to create intricate details thus producing high quality T-shirts. Besides being a high quality machine, it is faster.

That said, you might be wondering what`s needed for you to start using Direct To Garment printer. Here are the supplies required;


Largely, this machine uses water-related ink that was initially very expensive though the cost has been lowered considerably of late.

RIP Software

Raster Image Processor RIP SOFTWARE useful in professional approach of DTG


DGT tends to work as whole with the artwork which is great news for persons who prefer working with photoshop rather than illustrator. Direct to garment printers’ accept vectors and pexels .These are the supplies among others.