Embroidery VS Screen Printing

Embroidery VS Screen Printing
February 13, 2018 mpadmin
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Embroidery VS Screen Printing

Two most popular methods known for attaching logos to apparel and clothing are screen printing and embroidery. This begs the question which one among the two is the best or what’s the difference? Well…..,

Screen printing is where the logo is made by simply squeezing inks via mesh screens onto the garments directly. A different mesh screen is needed for every color in the logo thus those designs that tend to have more colors will need more money in comparison to the simple designs. The process of screen printing is fairly automated through the garments are unloaded & loaded independently by the worker. After printing is over, every garment is passed via a tunnel dryer with the aim of setting or curing the print.

Embroidery entails reproducing a logo by directly stitching the threads into fabric. Unlike screen printing process which is partially automated, this one is fully automated and usually done by embroidery machines that are computerized.   A number of these embroidery machines are featured by twelve or more sewing heads with a maximum of 15 needles each head. It is possible to embroider 12 items at the same time not to mention that the logo has the ability to use at least fifteen thread colors. The process begins by designing your logo program otherwise known as digitizing. Finally, one gets a logo or program which can easily be uploaded to the machine and then initiate the embroidery machine what is supposed to stitch. However, the attires are “hooped” & loaded manually by the operator of the machine.

That said, you are supposed to consider the most appropriate method and cost-effective. When deciding between the two embroideries versus screen printing you should consider such factors as;



Cost is arrived upon based on logo complexity as well as the number of garments. However, embroidery tends to be less costly particularly for the logos that are pocket size as well as garments whose quantity is small and that logo that need many colors.  A number of embroidered logos set-up cost is flat fee while that for screen printing is dependent on color.


Besides the cost for either of the method, you should go for the method that bests suits your needs. One that gives excellent results. For polo shirts & business shirts, jackets and caps settle for embroidery as it’s the best. However, for the lightweight garments & t-shirts, screen printing is ideal for that including hoodies as well as large logos.