Understanding The Screen Printing Process

Understanding The Screen Printing Process
September 18, 2019 mpadmin
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Understanding The Screen Printing Process

Just like everyone else, you must be wondering what screen printing is. Screen printing is some sort of an art form. In other words, this is the process where ink is directly applied to the substrate (the surface that is to be printed). The image which is intended to be added in a garment is photographically is shifted to the screen blocking the areas that are non-printing, fabric acts as the stencil. The process of screen printing is quite detailed thus needs attention.  The process in question is the best choice for great designs and is usually manually handles not to mention that it is usually done in mass.

The working of screen printing

Screen printing entails use of ink and screen. This process is featured by minor limits on the kind of surfaces to print from. Given the many types of inks available, the final print should have an awesome look. The look you are really looking for is possible through screen printing process since all you need is entrust the work to an operator who best understands different inks relationship with shirt colors and materials.

How to go about the whole process

A single mesh stencil is usually used for every color meant to be printed. Screens ought to register & printed on the test sheets. This is to ensure that all the colors match as expected.  After that the inks are pushed via screens independently into the apparel. Every piece is then run via large dryer finally to ensure that the print is fine.

What are the benefits of screen printing method?

Most people tend to think that this method is only meant for shirts only, but that is not the case. This method is the best choice for printing jackets, purses/tote bags, banners, mouse pads, bandanas, signs among others.

The end result is always striking, and one is entitled to even get better results by simply manipulation the entire process.

This method works excellently with awesome synthetic fabrics for instance viscose, polyester, silk among others. To be precise, with screen printing, you have the opportunity to explore diverse options.

The method is long-lasting as a result of the composition & ink thickness that is employed in the process. Any design that was placed using screen printing withstands all odds without losing print quality.

Expect a great finish at long last as screen print produces great colors that cannot be replicated by different printing approaches.